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Live casino with Ruby Lounge

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Welcome to Ruby Lounge live casino studio. Players looking for a more exciting gambling experience can enjoy live dealer casino games at Ruby Lounge Live Casino Studio. This real-life online casino will provide a more life-like gambling experience that puts you face-to-face with a real live dealer that’s taking bets and giving out cards.  
Join us for a realistic casino classics experience at Ruby Lounge. We have highly-skilled dealers and innovative technologies to make this live casino experience true to life. We have it all from a range of tables, card games, friendly dealers, and a modern ambiance. In this crazy time, these live game shows are the best way to enjoy virtually. Take a seat and enjoy the very best in live Blackjack, live roulette, and a host of other games brought to you in the comfort of your home on your PC and mobile device.

Why Choose Ruby Lounge To Play Live Casino Games? 
Games: Ruby lounge is the main 9-table studio with live blackjack tables and a roulette wheel. You are in for high-quality live casino action customized for different players. You will come across a range of games with growth and table expansion flexibility. So, take a seat and start playing with us.
Limits: The best part about this is that it doesn’t matter how small your bet is in Blackjack. You have the freedom to go as low as $5. In the Ruby Roulette wheel, our minimum limit is 0.50c. In Live Blackjack, you can go as high as $10,000 and $5000 in the Ruby Roulette. This platform is for penny players as well as high-rollers.  
Experience: Providing an exclusive environment to our players to resonate with the experience of this live casino studio. Ruby Lounge provides a modern VIP experience with top-notch dedicated dealers. This platform allows you to keep up with the trends.
Ambiance: Ambience is what makes this live casino feel so life-like. Our players feel premium and valued ambiance in the studio. It is designed to make the players feel good and engage in the online gaming platform. 
Welcome offers: Ruby Lounge also provides welcome offers to its players. These offers can be used directly within the new environment. Players can get a hold of these offers and have more chances of gambling commission in this live casino. 
Now that you have a better understanding of Ruby Lounge’s live casino studio, let’s look at the games we offer on this platform. 

Ruby Lounge Live Casino Games 
Let’s take a quick look at all the live casino games we offer. As we move forward, you will see how you can play these life-like games virtually with us. 

Live Blackjack
Ruby Lounge has several types of live Blackjack on its online gaming platform. These variants vary in the minimum and maximum ranges, but Ruby Lounge proudly shows flexible behavior in ranges. No matter which variant you go for, you aim to beat the live dealer and win as much as possible. Your objective should be to get a hand with a value as close to 21 as possible without going over.

Live Roulette 
Here we are, with the game of chance, the actual gamble. The reds and blacks will decide your fate, and we make it real life by providing on-table promotional opportunities. You can play live casino games such as instant roulette by betting on any number from 1 to 36. Roulettes are casino favourites. You can try the roulette on our platform and test your luck. 

Live Casino Games – Player Questions
Q. What are Live Casino games? 
Live casino games are streamed to you live. These games are in high definition with real hosts and dealers. The games available on these casino platforms include: 


You can start playing on our platform and experience genuine casino thrills from the comfort of your home. Game shows also offer a welcome bonus and exclusive promotions for their players.

Q. What are some tips for playing casino games? 
Even if you are playing virtually, it is a nice gesture to tip your live dealer after a big win. This is a way to appreciate the live dealer for their work and how well they do it. You have carefully manage your bankroll because gambling can be addictive. So, it is better if you don’t bet more than 1% of your bankroll on any bet. You can bet more once you have won some money. You can start increasing your bet once you are in “house money”. You should always use cheat sheets if you are confused and still trying to figure out the odds of the games you want to play. This keeps you secure in game shows. Lastly, have a stable internet connection to play without any hindrance.

Q. How do I know it’s safe to play live casino games? 
People are generally suspicious when it comes to gaming online. One of the main reasons live casino games are safe to play is because a real dealer shuffles real cards that you can see. There is no ambiguity in that. Various gaming authorities license the operators and casinos in the world. Outside agencies test roulette spin outcomes to keep them error-free. Moreover, the games are played to a strict set of rules, and the live dealers do not influence the results whatsoever. Lastly, cameras view all the aspects of the game and the dealer so that there is no chance of foul play. It is live-streamed, so everything is transparent in front of the players. Always remember to play responsibly on these online casino platforms.

Q. Can I play table games on my mobile phone? 
You can play live table games on your mobile device. Many casino games are compatible with Android and iOS devices. Casino games are optimized to have an easy interface on mobile devices and other gadgets.

Q. What can I do to keep my live casino safe?
You can use several methods to keep your live casino tables safe. Never make a transaction on unsecured or public networks, and avoid sharing your details or casino account information with strangers. Make an effort to find licensed and regulated platforms and always play on them. It is better to do your prior research. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Which casino games are available on Ruby Lounge, our very own live casino studio?
There is a decent range of live casino games offered by Ruby Lounge. The two primary table games are: 


There are eight variants of live blackjack games with different min/max limits, and there is one live roulette games table available on this platform. 

Does Ruby Lounge Live Casino have real dealers? 
Yes, all our game shows are hosted by real dealers. They are highly experienced in their field and possess world-class qualities. The entire concept of having live dealers is to give you a realistic ambiance of a live casino. You can come and get a warm welcome from our skilled live dealers. 

What are the min/max limits on games available on the Ruby Lounge platform?
The limits vary variant to variant of all the individual games. The limits are: 
Game Min/Max
Blackjack 1 (5 / 2,500)
Blackjack 2 (5 / 2,500)
Blackjack 3 (5 / 2,500)
Blackjack 4 (10 /5,000) 
Blackjack 5 (100 / 10,000) 
Blackjack 6 (10 / 5,000) 
Blackjack 7 (25 / 5,000)
Blackjack 8 (50 / 10,000) 
Roulette  (0.50C / 5,000) 

What is the difference between live and online table games? 
Live tables of casino games are the ones offered by Ruby Lounge. They are streamed live and have a real touch in them. There are live and real dealers and hosts in these games. At the same time, online casino games don’t have actual dealers or live streaming. People play live casino games without the realistic aspect in it. 

How are my inquiries dealt with during the game on Ruby Lounge? 
Many general queries can be handled by the live casino dealer in the studio. If the query is a bit more detailed and requires a deeper look into it, the brand’s customer experience team can help you with any concerns you may have. Simply provide all info required for an investigation to get underway.

Why do live casinos need my personal information? 
Live Casino sites offering Ruby Lounge need to verify your identity for many reasons. The first thing that we need to be sure about is whether the player is legally allowed to gamble or not. We have to abide by the rules, which is why we require your personal information. Moreover, we need to record the customers’ information in case of misuse of the site like money laundering or other malicious activities. You have to provide your account number for transactions and betting purposes.