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Online Blackjack at Ruby Lounge

If you aim to compete to 21, Ruby Lounge live casino studio has plenty of ways to play blackjack online. The team at this casino studio works hard to ensure that you get to play the type of table you wish to and find blackjack games that can’t be found anywhere. 

We offer you real money blackjack to have the actual experience of betting from the comfort of your home. You can get instant access from your desktop or mobile devices. Once you get your hands-on experience with our blackjack games, you will get something new and exhilarating at every table.

Online Blackjack Game Basics

In simpler words, this game is widely known as “21 online” or “21 bets”. Are you wondering why? When you play online blackjack, you aim to make a total of 21 from your cards. The basic blackjack strategy is different because you will not always get a perfect 21, and you can still win. You win these bets even with a much lower total if the dealer busts. The primary aim of blackjack players is to stand, hit, double, and split their way as close to 21 as possible. 

Before we introduce you to our best online blackjack variants, let’s take a look at the basics of this online game.

  • The betting round starts when a player makes a bet equal to or above the minimum table limit. 
  • The online player receives two cards face-up from the dealer. 
  • Only one of the dealer’s two starting cards is exposed. 
  • The player can hit in this position which means they can take an extra card for free.
  • The player can stand, which means the player can hold their total and end their turn. 
  • The player also can double down in which they can double their bet and receive one extra card. 
  • Lastly, the player can split if they have a pair. This means the player can pay an extra bet to split their cards into two separate hands. 
  • The action moves over to the live dealer if the player stands. 
  • This is where the dealer must hit any total below 16 and continue hitting until they have 17+.
  •  At this point, when the dealer stands, the two totals are compared, and the one closest to 21 wins. 
  • If the player goes above 21, they automatically lose, and if the dealer goes above 21, the player wins no matter what total they have. 
  • If the game is tied, the player gets their stake back. 

Play Online Blackjack Games 

Visit Ruby Lounge, and you will find eight different Ruby blackjack tables for real money. Our studio is filled with variants with different betting limits to cater to all types of casino players. All these online games have live dealers along with luxuriously unique settings. Our live studio offers flexibility to growth and table expansion and opportunities for concept tables. We offer you a modern VIP experience, with top-class dedicated dealers.

Our skilled live dealer is there to help you understand the limits of blackjack tables and play responsibly. These variants of blackjack games are just like the actual game in a casino. Everything is exactly the same, from deciding the chips to bet to whether you should play it safe or double down the bet. Whether you are a pro or novice, Ruby Lounge has games to cater to your needs. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and get closer to 21.

Best Live Dealer Blackjack Games

Now that you have enough knowledge about the basics, here are some best blackjack games we offer: 

Ruby Blackjack 1 

The first blackjack table that we offer, ruby blackjack 1, has a minimum limit of 5 and a maximum limit of 2,500. You can play according to your budget and play safe.  

Ruby Blackjack 2

Next, we have ruby blackjack 2 with the same limit as ruby blackjack 1. The minimum limit is five, and the maximum limit is 2,500. 

Ruby Blackjack 3

The lower betting limit of ruby blackjack 3 is 5, and the upper limit is 2,500. This is just like the first two tables. These are different variants because this gives you the opportunity for more players to play safe and stay within their budget. These variants work best as a testing ground for beginners. 

Ruby Blackjack 4

The following variant is different than before as the minimum limit of blackjack 4 is 10, and the maximum limit is 5,000. This takes the game to another level where layers take bigger risks. 

Ruby Blackjack 5

Here we have the table with the highest minimum limit. This variant’s minimum range is 100, and the maximum limit is 10,000. This is where pro players can show their skills and win big. 

Ruby Blackjack 6

The lower limit of this table is 10, and the upper is 5,000. This blackjack table can be played by all types of players depending upon their betting budget and how far they are willing to take risks. 

Ruby Blackjack 7

Ruby blackjack 7 has a minimum betting limit of 25, and the maximum limit is 5,000. With a live dealer, players can play this online game, get hands-on experience and earn a good amount of money. 

Ruby Blackjack 8

Last but not least, we have ruby blackjack 8. This is the last variant in our casino studio. The lower limit is 50, whereas the upper limit is the same as ruby blackjack 5, 10,000. 

Live Dealer Online Casinos 

For an exciting 21 bets experience, our platform is filled with a range of blackjack games. We offer you eight different options with various minimum and maximum limits. We are trained and skilled live dealers controlling the cards and hosting the games. Each table has its own features with flexibility in limits. We also offer on-table opportunities to our players. 

Our platform gives you the chance to feel you are sitting inside a real casino. This is because our team is working hard to make this experience life-like. Our team is trained to be efficient and engaging to make this virtual experience real. We aim to make live blackjack games way better than virtual games, including a live dealer, players, and actual cards. Our live gambling platform has the ability to keep up with the trends and give you a life-like experience.

How to Play Blackjack Online

Blackjack classic is a popular game in online casinos. We have already highlighted the basics of the blackjack game. Those are some of the rules you need to remember before stepping into online casino gambling. However, we want to make things easier for you to understand, and that is why we will help you understand how you can play blackjack online. 

  • Player A places a one-coin bet. 
  • Dealer has to give Player A two cards face up: 
  • Now the live dealer deals themselves by giving one card face up and one card face down.
  • If the Player has a total of 13, they can’t make the split move. It is because they don’t have a pair.
  • It is advisable not to double down when the Player has over 11. Since the Player has 13, they cannot double down here. 
  • Let’s say the dealer has a total of 9; the Player should simply use the “hit” move because 13 is a weak total. 
  • Now the dealer deals with player A and let’s say they give a 5 to the Player. 
  • Now the Player has 18 and can decide to stand (hold the cards). 
  • For example, the face-down card is 8, and now the dealer has to expose their face-down card. According to the rules, they must stand on 17+; the dealer must stand at this point. 
  • Neither Player made a perfect blackjack 21 with an ace and a ten. The payout on a win is 1:1 instead of 3:2.
  • Since player A had the best total, they won two coins which are their stake plus a one coin profit

Online Blackjack Card Values 

Players need to remember that playing cards will have the same value in all blackjack casino games. No matter how many decks your live dealer uses, each card has the same face value except for an ace. Ace can either be high or low. In simpler words, 6s is worth six; the 7d is worth seven. All the tens, jacks, queens, and kings are worth ten in blackjack. The tricky part is the worth of ace. An ace can be worth eleven. If the player has an ace in their starting hand, it is known as the soft total. This is because it can be worth the lower or, the higher total. For instance, an ace and 5s can either be sixteen or six. 

Beginners Playing Blackjack Online 

If you are a beginner, then Ruby Lounge is the perfect place to be. All you need to do is focus on the basics of this game and play fairly. If you think you are a newbie and can’t get a blackjack bonus, you are mistaken because you can easily get lucky if you understand the game and play well. 

It would help if you had a clear idea about the stakes you are playing for, your total, the dealer’s total, whether you should split/double, and when it’s the perfect time to stand. The basic strategy to play this game depends on the variant you are playing, the cards dealt by our skilled dealers, and real money. The best way to determine your moves is by looking at the exposed card of the dealer’s hand. 

You need to remember that their hand is weak if the dealer has anything between two to six. If they have seven to eight, they are moderately vigorous, and 9+ means they are pretty strong. Let’s say the dealer has a weak starting card, and so do you; it is better to stand and let the dealer run the risk of busting. On the contrary, it is best to hit if the dealer is strong and weak. During the live game, you have to analyze to get the best results and win.

Best Strategy for Advanced Blackjack Players

Once you are a professional at online blackjack games and have a clearer concept of safer gambling, learning to read the deck can help you with winning a blackjack bonus. Let’s say that the dealer is using three decks in the game; you know that there are 39 cards with a value of ten. Since the game is live-streamed, you know when the decks are not shuffled after each hand. You would know that there would only be 30 cards worth ten left after seeing nine cards already dealt. 

You need to understand how many high and low cards are left in the deck. This technique can help you analyze when it’s best to increase or decrease your belt size. Furthermore, if you have more experience and are comfortable playing the main game, you can add side bets. You need to remember that you can’t go overboard with betting because bonus bets can costume your profits. If successful, these bets are appealing, but a loss can lead to a more significant failure. 

Improving your Chances at Online Blackjack 

No one can tell you exactly how to win at a blackjack game. However, you can learn a few tips and analyze your game for better results. The first thing you need to learn is when is the best time to make a movie. We have discussed this in the beginners and advanced action. You can review those techniques before moving forward.

Once you have got the hang of those tips, you need to learn about bankroll management. Remember that blackjack odds are based on infinity. This is the reason your every move needs to be based on long-term. To make any strategy work, you need to make a move indefinitely. This can’t be done if you have lost all your money, and that is why you need to know how much you want to best based on the size of your bankroll. 

As a general rule, you should not sit on the table with any more than 3% of your total roll. If you stick to this rule, you will give yourself enough buffer to profit when times are good and survive with a weak hand.

Why Choose Ruby Lounge to Play Blackjack Online? 

Now that you have enough information on how to play blackjack online. We only need to tell you why Ruby Lounge is a great platform to play blackjack online. There are several reasons for that, which include: 

Variety: We have a great range of blackjack tables. With eight tables in our live studio, we can cater to a large audience at one time. We have dedicated dealers for all these tables.

Affordable Stakes: We have clearly listed our minimum and maximum limits, which are much more affordable than other live casinos.

Faster Action: Ruby Lounge has designed a fast and efficient platform. We provide a life-like casino environment with faster software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you legally play blackjack online?

In simpler words, there is no federal law against playing blackjack online. This might be confusing because there are some legal technicalities on illegal sports betting, but online casinos are not at all illegal. However, there are some age limitations in these games. The player needs to be of legal age for online gambling. The gambling commission authorizes these games before being available for players on the internet.

Can you make real money from online blackjack games?

Yes, the entire concept of live blackjack games is to make real money. These games are live-streamed with a live host. After adding your account number, a deposit is required to start betting. You can easily make bets and play the game according to the rules mentioned above. If you win a bet, you will receive your money in the account. This will include your stake plus your profit. 

Is online blackjack worth playing?

Online blackjack games are highly engaging and life-like. Live casinos have a lot to offer to the players. This includes the welcome bonuses and rewards. Players can also set side bets if they are playing the main game. Blackjack games are beneficial because they offer a range of rewards. Ruby Lounge live casino studio has worked hard to give players real experience while sitting at their homes. They offer welcome bonuses and on-table opportunities

How to transfer money in online blackjack? 

Different blackjack sites let you use various payment methods to move your money around. These methods include bank wires, credit cards, and services like Paypal and Skrill. While setting up your account, you need to link your payment account with your online casino game account. You can do that by adding your account number or any other information required to deposit. 

How to transfer money in online blackjack? 

Different blackjack sites let you use various payment methods to move your money around. These methods include bank wires, credit cards, and services like Paypal and Skrill. While setting up your account, you need to link your payment account with your online casino game account.

How is playing online blackjack safe? 

Gambling commissions authorize online blackjack games. The authorities constantly monitor them. These platforms obtain licenses from commissions. Moreover, these games are live-streamed. These dealers shuffle cards in front of you. Blackjack is played on strict rules, making the game safe for the players. The dealer does not influence the results of the game. Besides this, it is the players’ responsibility to be vigilant and play safely on online casino platforms. 

How many decks are used in online blackjack?

The number of decks used by dealers depends on the casino to casino and sometimes table to table. Many online casinos are reluctant to tell the number of decks they use. On average, these platforms use six decks in a game. Many platforms use fewer, and some use up to eight decks too. You will come across casinos that categorize their offerings according to the number of decks they use in a game. This gives the players a choice to select a suitable table and an advantage to win.

Should I always stand if there’s a risk of going bust?

No. Players might go with the “never bust” strategy because this seems a safe option, but this strategy can actually damage your expected returns. It would help if you took some risks to get better at this game and earn larger bets. The only correct strategy to use at a blackjack game is the basic strategy. This technique tells you what to do and when. 

There are several times when it is right to stand, but always remember that there will be times when you should take a card even if you risk going bust. You will learn by trying new moves, but these moves need to be sensible and safe. 

Is it an obligation to tip the dealers in blackjack? 

You don’t have to tip the dealers. This isn’t a rule in online casino games, but it is considered good to tip the dealer. It is considered an excellent gesture to tip your dealer after having a great winning session. This is a way to appreciate them and their skills in the game.

Is it safe to trust a blackjack site with my personal information?

All online casino game sites face questions regarding personal information and anonymity. Sharing personal information can be a cause of concern with most players. All these sites promote the protection of both financial and personal information. These platforms use the latest encryption technologies to keep the information safe. 

Ruby Lounge also aims to keep the players’ information safe on this platform. Moreover, it is next to impossible for a third party to gain access to any sensitive data on this platform as long as players keep their passwords safe.